Do you give a fork ? A new brunch in the city !

#areyouhungry? 😋 Forget what you think you know about vegan food ! There is a new plant based brunch in town happening every weekend at L’Etabli: Gives a Fork . It’s fun, colorful, surprising and we love it !

This brunch concept has been developed by chef Q @qgivesafork who gained her experience through various experiences in Australia from working as a head chef in a reputable vegan restaurant in Melbourne, to opening her own café while also working as a freelance marketer ! Her passion for creativity stemmed from her love of connecting people through food which gave birth to @givesafork.
She believes in conscious food in which being aware of what you eat, the ingredients sourcing and how it affects your body, is essential. .
Give a a Fork is all about connecting people, feeding the souls and surprising the guests through unique and creative dishes !
We loved the cashew spread toast with fried sweet potato and we got surprised by the pesto egg đŸ„š ! We can’t wait to come back and try the other dishes.
Our menu recommendation ? The “feed us” menu for 2 to discover some signature dishes (Chf 42 for 2) + it’s a great deal. #sharingiscaring
Don’t forget to book, the brunch is already really popular. ✌See ya !

More info:

@ L’Etabli

 Rue de l’Ecole-de-MĂ©decine 3, 1205

Geneva, Switzerland



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