Marroush x BuyClub – Immersion into Lebanon’s cultural cuisine

Good Deal Alert ! – Buyclub is launching on the 20th April a 40% discount deal on Marroush Restaurant, a new place that opened several months ago in Pâquis area. We had the chance to be the first to try the deal and share our thoughts on the restaurant with you 🙂


Opened few months ago in Pâquis, Marroush will immerse you into Lebanon’s cultural cuisine with authentic recipes. The decoration is rather simple but the food is so delicious! Whether it’s a grab-and-go kebab during lunch break or a mezze dinner with friends, Lebanese dishes suit almost any dining occasion (they even served breakfast!) and there is something for everyone.



Indeed, the menu offers a broad spectrum of traditional Lebanese foods such has Tabouleh, Hommos and Bab Ghanouj (grilled eggplant) (chf10). We recommend ordering the “menu degustation” (chf 35) so you can try various mezzes (small dishes served as appetizers) from the chef’s selection (nothing better than following the chef’s recommendations, right ?!) The portions are quite substantial, do not hesitate to share dishes. You could easily order mezzes only although the Chiche Taouk (chicken skewers) (chf 25) is tasty and pair well with their Lebanese wines.

Marroush is not one of those trendy spots, it’s rather discreet, but don’t be fooled by appearances, the food is worth it and thanks to their generous portions, you won’t leave feeling hungry!



PS: It’s also a great place for vegetarians as Lebanese cuisine offers plenty of vegetables based mezzes.




Rue du Prieuré 8, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

Lunch : from 12h to 14h30 (closed on Wednesday)
Dinner : from 19h to 21h (closed on Sunday)

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