David Lloyd, the premium fitness club with fun and innovative workouts for all ages !

New opening I’m happy to share with you ! Last week,  Europe’s leading health and fitness group, David Lloyd, inaugurated a new wellbeing and fitness complex, only 15 minutes from Geneva city center in Veigy, France. It’s the first club of its kind in France and near Switzerland.

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The club not only offers fitness facilities and gym classes but also 11 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, badminton and squash courts, a spa, a café bar, a nursery and a lounge. With all those various facilities, we can easily stay the whole day !

This family-friendly fitness has invested CHF 7 millions to renovate the facilities (previously City Green fitness) and offers top notch equipment over 10 000 sqm.


So, what makes the club unique ?

-Innovative & fun work outs – including the Blaze which combines treadmill, martial arts and stenghtening exercices with a nightclub feeling thanks to music and light effects. The class also includes the use of the cardio belt My Zone which allows you to see on a screen how far you can go and encourages to give your best. There is also the battle box inspired by spartan race trainings which is so much fun and gives you a #warriorfeeling like in a bootcamp.

-A kid friendly fitness – kids fitness activities are organised according to the adult classes so that parents can easily participate to the workout, some classes are even for parents and kids together such as the battle box family play !

-The use of the latest technology and equipment in the sport industry – such as the Woodway Curve treadmills or a SYNERGY360 machine. And for those who feel lost (like me ;)), don’t worry, theire is always a coach to assist you and motivate you to excel !

-Attention to details: They even have a hair straightener in the changing rooms #itsallaboutdetails and a lounge with computers for those who need to relax or work between two sessions !

Overall, a premium club for adults and kids with fun and innovative workouts !


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